Sardinia Bay

After the 3 day hike and a quick visit to Cape Town I flew to Port Elizabeth (PE for short) this morning and I am enjoying the African sun on the beach now.

The flight from Cape Town is interesting because you can see from the cloud the 4 million town and the Cape peninsula. The small South African Express ATR flies along the coast. If you are clever enough to ask for a window seat on the left (seat A!) you can see hundreds of beautiful desert sandy beaches.  

PE fringes Algoa Bay at the western end of the Sunshine Coast, and offers many good bathing beaches and surf spots.

I have just a couple of hours before taking the train to Jozi and I have time to visit just one beach. I have chosen Sardinia Bay.

Sardinia beach is a big Buggerru (beach on west of Sardinia); 10 kilometres long of wide sandy beaches. I take a roobois cappuccino in a kiosk on the beach and the barman, an Austrian man moved in SA 12 years ago, said that the beach is the best place for surf and swim because “the warm waters of the Indian Ocean”. He forgot to mention the many sharks living in this area.

I take a very fast swim in the ocean. Fast because of the sharks and because the water is icy. 32 degrees on the beach, 0 degree in the “warm ocean”. Apparently in summertime the water is cooler because the cold water coming from Antartide (“iceberg defrost effect”). I am going to have a walk over the large sand dunes and then I will take a taxi to the railways station.

In the 20 hours (or more) long distance train PE -Jozi I think to have enough time to write a couple of posts and share some photos of Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope 3 days hike. I have a lot of stories to share. 

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